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the best alternative to bank guarantees

Technical guarantees to the public administration for concessions, awards and tenders.


What is
surety insurance?

Surety insurance is insurance whereby the insurer (the company) undertakes, in the event of breach of the legal and/or contractual obligations of the policyholder (client), to indemnify the insured (beneficiary), by way of compensation or penalty, for the financial damage suffered within the limits established by law or in the contract.

What is surety insurance for?

Surety insurance is normally used to cover technical guarantees. Technical guarantees are understood to be when the non-fulfilment by the policyholder of legal or contractual obligations (execution of works, services, supplies, etc.) is being guaranteed. Surety insurance does not cover guaranteeing payment commitments to suppliers; this type of insurance is part of the Credit Insurance branch and does not cover the guarantees requested by financial institutions for credits or loans.
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Applications of Surety Insurance

Two very frequent applications of this type of insurance are the bonds that must be established in favour of public bodies for the tendering and execution of public works, and the guarantee of the amounts advanced by individuals for the construction of housing, by means of which the insurer will return such amounts if the work is not started or the dwelling is not delivered within the agreed deadlines.
Royal Legislative Decree 2/2000 of 16 June 2000, which approves the revised text of Law 13/1995, of 18 May 1995, on Public Administration Contracts, specifies the types of guarantees that the Public Entity admits, including surety insurance and bank guarantees.

Types of Surety Insurance


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Surety insurance:
the best alternative to bank guarantees

Surety insurance is a guarantee that, unlike a bank guarantee, does not pledge financial resources and is not included in the CIRBE, i.e. it does not add to bank risk and this means a greater possibility of opting for other products such as loans, credit accounts, promissory note discounting, etc.

If you replace bank guarantees with surety insurance, your cash flow improves and your banking risk decreases, thereby increasing your solvency.


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