Cuadrado amarillo

Private security

Technical guarantees to carry out private security activities

Surety insurance
for security companies

Private security and surveillance companies are required to deposit a bank guarantee or surety insurance with the Ministry of the Interior, or the relevant Autonomous Authority in this area, in order to start operating and obtain an activity licence. There is a wide range of activities related to private security, and depending on their nature, some involve more risk than others, which implies that legislation sets different amounts in relation to financial guarantees. The private security activity may be requested at national or regional/provincial level, with the amount to be guaranteed varying according to this circumstance.
Seguridad privada

The purpose of the constitution of a guarantee or surety insurance is established exclusively to cover administrative liabilities for breaches of private security regulations arising from the operation of the company and are made available to the Spanish authorities.

All companies involved in private security/surveillance activities are obliged to deposit a guarantee as a prerequisite to be able to operate, be it a bank guarantee or surety insurance.


Advantages of
Surety Insurance

Policies over
5 years

We study surety insurance policies with a duration of more than 5 years.

Increased ability to
participate in auctions

This allows you to increase your capacity to participate in more public tenders simultaneously.

No blocking/pledging
of bank balances

Avoid the blocking or pledging of balances in your bank accounts to improve your cash flow.

Does not consume CIRBE

Surety insurance does not consume bank credit limit, it is not a major bank risk which means higher eligibility for bank products (loans, credit accounts, etc.)

More efficient

Rapid evaluation of the application for the issuance of the surety insurance policy, faster in its study and issuance than the bank guarantee.

Plafond System

Pre-approved line of surety insurance that allows you to get your guarantee quickly when you need it.

Types of Surety Insurance


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