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Sammy Free ‘s efforts are aimed exclusively at businesses. We are specialists in managing guarantees to be submitted to the Public Administration, in particular guarantees for tenders, awards and concessions.


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Our history

The Sammy Free Group’s story began in 2012, with the aim of offering a specialised service to companies in the field of insurance. We started by focusing on surety bond in order to make it more accessible for companies to obtain the guarantees necessary to do business. 

We have now become an international broker specialising in brokering transactions that require a higher degree of scrutiny and care due to the risk involved. We distinguish ourselves from the usual brokerages in that we do not deal with individuals, our efforts are focused exclusively

on advising and managing the needs of professionals and companies; we are dedicated solely to the professional/business sector, a characteristic that makes us efficient and competitive.

We are currently focused on Surety, Bond and Decennial Insurance, highly technical segments, considered to be high risk, in which obtaining information and in-depth analysis of the companies are essential elements for the successful outcome of the risk assessment.

Sammy Free is a member of the following Professional Associations of recognized prestige within the Insurance and Risk Management Sector:


Guarantors in Valencia 


International Guarantee Broker  

Competing in Europe

As an INTERNATIONAL BROKER, we operate in three countries: Spain, Portugal and Italy. We have all the necessary authorisation to do business and we have specialised staff with native language skills to manage the work efficiently. The offices with freedom of establishment are located in the financial centres of Valencia, Lisbon and Milan.

We are also authorised to work throughout the European Economic Area under the Freedom to Provide Services FPS.

Having been working for many years in Spain and Portugal, we possess in-depth knowledge of the market and have recently started operating in Italy as well. Having the availability to work directly in all three countries facilitates the management and processing of insurance for companies with a European projection.