Public Tenders

Surety insurance is a type of guarantee to be presented to the Public Administration in order to be able to participate in the bidding and awarding of public works and service contracts.

Public Sector

Companies wishing to tender for works or services for the public sector need to provide a guarantee or surety insurance to guarantee the maintenance of the bid submitted to the administration.

If your company regularly bids for Public Administration contracts (Ministries, Autonomous Communities, City Councils, etc.), please ask us for information and once all the documentation has been provided, we will give you a quote.

We are fast in processing; it is possible to get your surety insurance in 48 – 72 working hours with our PLAFOND system if you provide us with all the requested documentation.

Licitaciones públicas

Concessions have a long operating period and we can arrange long-term surety insurance for you.

We can help you to replace the bank guarantee you have already deposited with surety insurance, so that you can unblock the pledged bank balances.

Among the most common concessions are:

  • Port concessions
  • Management of public car parks
  • Management of public gymnasiums
  • Sports facilities
  • Passenger transport lines
  • Catering
  • Waste treatment
  • Public bicycle concession.
  • Restoration on public land (Premises on seaside promenades)

Advantages of
Surety Insurance

Policies over
5 years

We study surety insurance policies with a duration of more than 5 years.

Increased ability to
participate in auctions

This allows you to increase your capacity to participate in more public tenders simultaneously.

No blocking/pledging
of bank balances

Avoid the blocking or pledging of balances in your bank accounts to improve your cash flow.

Does not consume CIRBE

Surety insurance does not consume bank credit limit, it is not a major bank risk which means higher eligibility for bank products (loans, credit accounts, etc.)

More efficient

Rapid evaluation of the application for the issuance of the surety insurance policy, faster in its study and issuance than the bank guarantee.

Plafond System

Pre-approved line of surety insurance that allows you to get your guarantee quickly when you need it.

Types of Surety Insurance


Consult the different Surety Insurances that we have available